Wardrobe Detox

WARDROBE DETOX: Revamp Your Closet and Say Goodbye to Outfit Dilemmas!

Do you wake up every morning not knowing what to wear or find yourself repeatedly reaching for the same outfits? It's time for a wardrobe detox! It's easy for your closet to become overwhelming with clothes piling up year after year. Book a wardrobe detox session and get an individual style consultation (a $200 value) included!

How It Works:

Wardrobe detox is a fun and transformative process with three main stages:

  • Lifestyle & Style Analysis: We'll dive into your daily routines and personal fashion preferences.
  • Body Type Definition: Understand what styles flatter your body shape.
  • Color Analysis: Discover the perfect color palette that complements your skin tone.
  • Identify Challenges & Goals: We'll pinpoint any fashion challenges and set style goals.
  • Style Recommendations: Get advice on the best styles, silhouettes, cuts, and colors for you.
  • Outfit Combinations: Learn how to mix and match clothes and accessories to create stunning outfits.
  • Closet Purge: Sort out and remove old, unworn, or unsuitable clothes.
  • Outfit Creation: Multiple new looks and combinations using your existing wardrobe.
  • Time-Saving Tips: Spend less time getting ready every day.
  • Shopping List: Suggestions for key pieces to enhance your wardrobe (if needed).
  • Recycle & Donate: Separate clothes for recycling or donation.
  • Style Guide & Lookbook: A personalized style guide with outfit options to keep you inspired.



Receive a Style Guide Lookbook within 10 days after your detox, featuring your preferred colors, essential recommendations, and photos of all the outfits we create.


Enjoy 1 MONTH of ongoing support! Reach out via text or email with any styling questions. I'll help you stay on track with your style goals!

Investment: $500

  • Includes a 1-hour phone consultation
  • Up to 3 hours of wardrobe revision
  • Creation of up to 150 looks
  • Personalized style guide and lookbook
  • Suggested shopping list
  • 1 month of ongoing support

This investment will simplify your life and make choosing outfits a breeze every day. Get ready to fall in love with your wardrobe all over again!


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