Who We Are


My name is Anna Gurari and I founded Undressed with the intention to help women in their undergarment search. I believe that we are all different in many ways, not just emotionally but also physically. Women are emotional beings and we are the best at it. We live on emotion, we feel conversations and situations we live with the desire to love and to be loved. 
When we get dressed, we are fully vulnerable we are standing fully bare judging every inch of our selves in every way our mind expands to. 

It is so important to not just look in the mirror and be happy but also feel that deep in your bones. So where does it start ? It all starts with how your pro-tray your self. Putting on a bra that compliments your bust and your upper core and combining it with bottoms that support you in the right places , automatically changes your point of you of your self in the mirror and also makes you feel those same emotions. It’s an automatic connection that takes place. 

My goal is to provide a pristine  quality of undergarment to women for an affordable price. We often see these exquisite pcs, for the most undesirable prices. I want to bring the European luxurious quality lingerie to our US customers with affordability in mind. 

Our designs and constructions are for women and girls who want an item that will last them years an item they will never want to take off an item they will rave to their friends and family about. 

Our desire is to full fill your desires! 

This first collection is a true reflection of my own personal style. It’s sexy but sophisticated , bold but beautiful and most importantly enjoyable to wear. 

Our Vision


Undressed women are confident, seductive and modern. At Undressed, we believe in embracing the power and potential of your body through a contemporary and sensual aesthetic. We believe in self-love and self-acceptance through celebrating the female form.


We want you to feel like wearing our lingerie is like wearing a second skin Our fundamental ethos of the brand is strength and beauty, creating styles and undergarments that epitomize that.


We take inspiration from everything in the world, adopting today’s lifestyle and fashion trends. We want you to feel unique and exclusive when wearing our products from day to night-time.


We have a team who are at the forefront of tailoring and design, bringing you the most unique collections of lingerie for every season. We focus our attention to every detail by using the most unusual fabrics and trims to create the most fitting silhouettes. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry so that everything in our collection meets the highest of standards and quality. They help us maintain our vision of creating a truly inspiring and unique interchangeable collection of lingerie products that are made individually for you.

Our Team

We have a fantastic team at Undressed who are here to make you feel like you are special and to make your shopping experience with us truly memorable. We have an excellent customer service team who are here to answer any questions or queries you have about our products, or to offer some friendly advice about choosing the right product for you.